02/05/2021 / German

When it comes to document management, SAP can only go in one direction: "CMIS"! An SAP-independent and cloud-optimized interface standard that can fully map content management functions. But how will the transition work? What happens to my masses of ArchiveLink documents? And what opportunities does the new interface offer me?

In this 45-minute #funfastfocus webinar, we will focus on these topics:

- CMIS ready: Learn how you can easily make your entire ArchiveLink landscape CMIS ready with KGS tia® or set up new SAP systems directly CMIS ready.

- CMIS advantages: We show you how you can take the path to the cloud on the basis of CMIS; in hybrid system landscapes, with other non-SAP applications or classically on-premises. Take advantage of metadata!

- Future-proof: "Core of tia®" - You will gain an insight into the technical future architecture of archiving.